PROVIDENCE, RI — July 28, 2003. I was in Rhode Island taking a break from it all and visiting my parents. My Dad had to go into Providence for a meeting and expected it to be relatively short, so I went along to wander around downtown with my camera to see what I could do.

I had about an hour and started from the lot we parked in, walked with him to where he went in to his meeting and then was on my own. I wandered around the block and shot a few of some of the buildings. The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul Providence caught my eye and I walked over to Cathedral Plaza. While I was taking a few photos of it and the plaza in front of it, a passer-by remarked to me “Isn’t this great? This place reminds me of Western Europe.”

I continued around the cathedral and saw the more mundane buildings attached to it. After a while I hunger overwhelmed my enthusiasm for downtown photography and I stopped at a little pizza place near the JWU campus — good old east coast pizza joint and as I finished up there I got the call from my Dad indicating he was done and ready to go.