I walked the ‘long route’ over to the beach by coal oil point. This route takes me down a road through the UCSB ‘west campus’ area which abuts a nature preserve. I had my backpack with the same gear I took with me yesterday. Again I started with the 50/1.8 on the camera. I didn’t do much shooting until I got near the nature preserve where I quickly switched to the 70-200 so I could get a shot of a bird. This time, I walked along the cliff top around the point until I was above the the graffiti laden building I saw on my last walk around the point. Then I went down to the beach via convenient little trail and walked back around coal oil point on the beach. My goal was to get some close shots of things I hadn’t shot on my last walk. The time of day was close enough to the last walk that the lighting wasn’t really different. This time, however, there were a lot more birds out when I went past the bird sanctuary part of the beach. The smaller ones didn’t seem very afraid of people. I took several photos of the birds and of various little bits of flotsam or seaweed on the sand as I walked up the beach to the ramp I usually go up. After I got off the beach I didn’t shoot many photos and walked the usual way home.

This walk netted a more than the usual amount of sole-tar.