Santa Barbara Courthouse

SANTA BARBARA, CA — I parked near the mall towards the middle of ‘downtown’ at around 11:00. Some wandering and looking around for something that seemed photogenic led me to the library which had a fountain. I love shooting photos of fountains and splashing, active water After shooting a few of the fountain, I saw a tower further down the street which had people hanging out atop it looking out over the city and spied an open door at the base of the building with the tower.

I went into the building which turned out to be the Santa Barbara Courthouse. I went to top of tower, initially attempting to use stairs but ending up having to use the elevator to go the last floors anyway because the stairs and area between the 3rd floor and the tower are closed (!). Shot a few from the top of the tower, then set out to explore the rest of the building and grounds.

I visited the Mural Room, which is used for public meetings, concerts, and other events. It was originally used for the Board of Supervisors meetings and has murals cover all four walls showing colonial Santa Barbara history. It’s open and airy and has lots of archways.

After wandering around the courthouse for a while, I headed back over to state street to see about shooting some shots of the Arlington Theatre. I noticed S.W.A.T. was playing 10 minutes after I strolled up to the theatre — so I bought a ticket and went inside to watch it. The inside of the theatre was better than the movie. The movie wasn’t bad — summer action film.

After the movie, I went back outside planning on shooting more pictures. I wandered over to a park where I heard music playing. A band was playing and people were sitting on the grass watching and listening. I listened for a bit and explored the park for a while, then headed down State street planning on shooting some of the shore. I finally put the camera away, though — I didn’t really feel like shooting any more and I was nearly out of space on my microdrive anyway.

I did walk down to the shore, though, and out onto the pier, where I had some mediocre fish & chips for dinner. Then I walked back to my car and drove home.