Traffic, ODE, a road to distraction

On the drive home today I had the idea that I could write a traffic simulator and fool around with various scenarios to see how all the stupid traffic got clogged up in front of me. I fetched and installed VPython because I had used it before to play with visualization. Pretty quickly I found I wanted more framework for hacking on this, even just a better grounding in traffic simulations in general.

I dug around for a while to find some information about this. The last time I had anything to do with anything like this was a lab in Physics 1 in college. I found lots of things, but basically all of them are linked from here: SCIENCE HOBBYIST: Traffic Waves, physics for bored commuters

At some point during this search, I stumbled (again) across ODE, but this time discovered PyODE. Cooool. Not helpful at all in the traffic simulation, and in fact I lost all momentum on the traffic simulator when I got distracted assembling increasingly complicated collections of masses and joints and watching what happened.

Along the way I ended up installing PyOpenGL, ,cgkit, and PyODE.

Anyway, there’s lots to dig through here. I still want to get back to the traffic simulation.