Watcher development - look and feel polish

Lots of trying to find a good way to make an icon (including: exporting from Photoshop using a file export filter that knew how to write .ico, writing script to convert .gif to .ico, and browsing free icon sites for something I liked). Finally settled on using LiquidIcon, a freeware icon editor to hand-roll a crappy icon. Then I had to track down how to use this icon for the installer .exe, watcher.exe, control frame icon, and the taskbar icon. It took a lot longer to get it all working than I’d hoped. One can only imagine how long it would’ve taken if I had tried to make a good icon.

Then I set out to make the UI look a little less crappy by fiddling with spacing, tweaking the control frame window definition, and trying to set the background color of the control frame to something less awful.

Since every single one of the steps tonight involved at least one (and usually a lot more) documentation and/or google lookup progress went pretty slowly.

The changelog entry for tonight:

  • Created and added icon to installer, taskbar, frame, and exe
  • Fiddled with colors
  • Tweaks to the window layout (rewrote it)
  • Tweaked control frame definition to remove maximum box and resize border