A machine retired

A while back the data disk in my Linux machine failed. That machine served me well for around 4 years. Since I wanted a faster Linux server anyway, I built a new machine and migrated the data (from the backup). The old machine got pushed into a corner for eventual retiring and disposal. “Eventually” was last week. This past week I gave that machine to a local middle school for their “let kids bre… fix computers” class. Before I could donate the machine I had to prepare it. I opened it up and noticed one of the disks wasn’t connected and remembered the disk failure. The disk failed so spectacularly that it hosed the whole IDE bus so I had to disconnect it to boot the machine up to get the non-failed disk’s data off.

I pulled the dead disk out of the machine, made a Linux boot CD with a disk wiper utility on it and carefully zeroed the working drive. I replaced some missing PCI slot covers, closed the machine, and found some case screws to replace the missing ones. Then I dropped it off.

I was left with the broken 45G IBM DeskStar drive. Naturally, I took it apart.