Greasemonkey in anger

I saw Greasemonkey a while back. Today I used it in anger for the first time. Some friends of mine use a YaBB-powered web board. Unfortunately, YaBB doesn’t remember the last time I looked at a thread. So I had to read the dates next to each thread and remember when I last looked at it to find newly updated threads.

I wrote a user script to run on any page on that board that finds the thread updated date (it’s in the HTML as human readable text) and tweaks the thread links to include it. It adds a parameter that YaBB ignores (;lastupd=nnnnnn) but the browser sees thus enabling the browser visited link history to change the thread links to unvisited when they get updated.

[UPDATE:] I’ve been informed that YaBB actually does have icons to indicate new topics. Their behavior was never clear to me because I use the back button a lot for navigating around the board, and the icons displayed in the page don’t (can’t) change when I go back.