Baylands walk

I took a walk through a piece of the Palo Alto Baylands Preserve this evening. I was mainly out for a walk but I did bring a camera.

I parked at the end of San Antino road and walked in along Shoreline lake. It was a sunny beautiful day and many people were walking, running, and biking. I only saw one guy skating — he looked pretty uneasy and was fully padded up. I later saw the same guy walking next to someone talking about his ride down a hill. I gathered that he was new at it.

I’d been in the part of Shoreline park that I walked through many times since it was on my usual skating route, but I’d never been into Baylands Preserve. The path is not paved and I was usually on skates when I was in the park. I was walking briskly along the windswept path but I did stop to shoot some photos.