Dell DJ 30 (continued)

It’s been a couple weeks now. I have some more comments about the Dell DJ:

  1. In shuffle play mode, the random track selection happens with the “next track” rather than when the playlist starts playing. This means if you navigate back a song or two and then forward, you get different songs. It’s as if going back in time perturbed the timeline and now you move forward into another timeline. I don’t like that.

  2. If you’re going on a long plane ride with the Dell DJ with its nice little remote control, bring a paperclip to reset it. Because it will hang. Without a paperclip or something, you can’t reset it. If you can’t reset it, you have no music when it hangs. The silence gives one time to think about why one didn’t buy an iPod instead. Music players should. not. ever. hang. And if you’re going to release a music player that does hang, make the reset button easier to hit.

The Shure E3cs are really great headphones. Sadly, they’re so good that they expose a persistant whine when used with the apparently less good Inline FM Tuner. It’s a shame, I liked the FM tuner remote until I realized it was the source of that irritating whine.

I wonder if the iPod and its accessories have so many little irritating sharp edges. It’s really a shame the iPod doesn’t work with Yahoo Music Unlimited. It may be I should just give up on Yahoo Music — the Yahoo Music Engine has a bunch of sharp edges I previously described and now I’ve had the DJ enough to notice some with it, too.

Sadly, I’m already hooked on having all of my music with me when I want it.