Broken things

It is of course after I announce it that the new photo site starts losing in strange ways. Some requests don’t appear to complete .. sometimes. Even requests that don’t go through Singleshot are affected. I’d wonder if my net is just flaky except I can repro it on my own machine occasionally. It was happening once and a while while I was developing, but now it’s happening a lot.

I still haven’t even found a pattern to the way things lose. Some requests sometimes do not complete — stylesheets, images, once and a while an HTML page request. Some of them are requests that go through Singleshot every time (HTML), some go through rewrite rules but usually are served by Apache (cached resized images), and some have early rules in .htaccess to force them to be served by Apache always (stylesheets).

I’ve been trying to track this down and now I’m going to go to bed and give it another shot tomorrow night.