Finally, a plan

I’ve been wrestling with how to update my web photo gallery for a while now. I finally have a plan:

  1. Take all the photos from my gallery install and ‘recent photos’ singleshot install and put them into one directory tree.
  2. Tag the files that were in gallery albums with XMP metadata indicating which album they were in, when they were shot (if known), etc
  3. Tag the files that were in the recent-shots-by-date Singleshot install which keywords and creation data
  4. Remove shots I would no longer post (because they’re lame; mostly in the not-updated-since-2002 gallery photos)
  5. Update the ‘portfolio’ choices by tagging my favorite 6 or so shots
  6. Modify singleshot to support tag-based albums and construct a heirarchy of albums similar to the gallery organization
  7. (maybe) expose the tagging info along the lines of Flickr’s tag browser
  8. Relaunch the photo site(s)
  9. Add an RSS feed for the photo site by photo publish date. Maybe one for each tag, too, but at least one by date.

At the end of this I’ll have one Singleshot installation for all my public photos. On the filesystem, the photos will be organized by date. This means there will be a single URL to fetch or link to each image and it will be organized by the one thing all photos have (a creation date). The category-type photo albums will still exist but will be driven by XMP keywords rather than trying to slot each photo into exactly one album.

Along the way I’ll have touched every photo I’m going to republish and added content tags for all of them and titles for some of them. I’ll also have categorized all the shots since 2002 which are now only available ‘by date’ and don’t show up in the gallery albums at all.

I’ll probably retire and install appropriate redirects to the new files on My plan is to make as many existing URLs (e.g. links to gallery album pages and photos) work as I can with a reasonable amount of work and (more importantly) end up with an organization that will mean I don’t ever need to change the image URLs again.