New photos site

I’ve been working pretty steadily on Singleshot 2.0 and, more directly, a new revision of my photos web site. As soon as I’m sure things are running smoothly, I’ll package up the new Singleshot code and make release 2.0. I’ll be turning the old site into a bunch of redirects into the new site.

What’s new in the new photos site:

  • The design
  • An RSS feed of newly published photos
  • Keywords — driven by XMP keywords on the images
  • Browse by publish date
  • Recent photos page
  • a contact form and a couple other static pages
  • The albums page is now a set of named queries by keyword

Most of these features are also new Singleshot features. Singleshot 2.0 will also use a new templating system and will be easier to upgrade by moving more of the customizable content out of the singleshot/ directory.

The ‘static page’ mechanism is also new, and allows pages to integrate with the rest of Singleshot (pull images, etc) and also supports programmatic pages (which is how the new contact page for my site works).

I’m still not done, but it’s far enough along to launch it and finally have some visible progress.