Canon 5D

My 5D arrived late yesterday. I took it down to Monterey via Santa Cruz along the coast to get a feel for it.

It’s sort of anticlimatic to hold — it feels just like the 20D. The viewfinder is nicer and it’s nice that I can use all of the lens now. My workflow is completely crippled by the fact that Adobe hasn’t updated Camera Raw yet.

My initial plan was to visit Seacliff Beach and possibly downtown Santa Cruz, but as I approached the area for both of those I was struck by the urge to go somewhere I hadn’t been before. So I got on Route One south and drove for a while. Eventually I came to Moss Landing State Beach and got out to walk around and see if anything was worth shooting (the shot above came from there).

It was windy. And chilly. I was glad I decided to throw the jacket in the car despite it being hot out near home. I walked down the beach a ways, shooting at birds mostly. Especially these small, flocking birds that would swoop up and down the beach in big flocks (they looked like schools of little fish).