Programming Tools

I stumbled upon Programmer’s Bill of Rights.  It has the expected collection of things a programmer should have at the workplace, including fast computers, nice monitors, good working environment, etc.  One bit in the post and one of the comments got me thinking.

In the post:

In college, I ran a painting business. Every painter I hired had to buy their own brushes. […] The “company” brushes were quickly neglected and degenerated into a state of disrepair. But painters who bought their own brushes took care of them. Painters who bought their own brushes learned to appreciate the difference between the professional $20 brush they owned and cheap disposable dollar store brushes. Having their own brush engendered a sense of enduring responsibility and craftsmanship.

and in the comments:

for consistency sake, you should apply this analogy to the entire programmer’s toolbox you have listed above, including chair. this is a standard way of doing business for men who make their living as mechanics. when you come to the job, you bring your own tools, and when you leave, you take them with you. the same should go for programmers. Proton Soup on August 26, 2006 02:36 PM

Being able to use a machine I owned for work development at work would be nice.  Never again would I have to put up with slow hardware and lousy monitors at work because of some pinheaded finance person’s idea of a “standard computer”.

Some of the companies I’ve worked for outfitted developers with excellent hardware.  Sadly, more frequently I’ve had much better gear at home than at work.  If not for IT policy I would have been happy to supply my own gear because a good workstation is that important to me.