Dell, DHL, everybody loses

Last weekend I ordered a Canon SD800IS from Dell. Dell shipped it on Monday. So far so good. Dell used DHL to ship it. I’m sure DHL is cheaper than UPS or Fedex because otherwise I don’t understand why anyone uses DHL. I got a call on Thursday from DHL saying they needed my apartment number to deliver. Of course, my apartment number was in the shipping address I gave Dell.

I called them back and the nice DHL rep updated the shipping address of my order and she said it’d be delivered today.

DHL never shows up with my new camera. Eventually, I check the tracking status and it says “Returned to shipper.” I call DHL again, wait on hold for a while, and talk to another customer service rep. Apparently, my package record was updated but Dell refused to allow the redelivery to a different (??) address and the package was instead returned to Dell.

So I called Dell and waited on hold for much longer than at DHL in order to talk to a customer service rep. I explained the story so far and gave the rep my order number. He put me on hold and called DHL. Shortly thereafter he came back and said that DHL’s business office was closed. He put me on hold again and called some other department.

When he came back, he said he could treat it like an exchange (.. but I never got it!) and they’d process it and ship it out again in eight business days (!!!). Unsurprisingly, I canceled the order. The web site still reports the order as open so I’ll be watching carefully to make sure my credit card is credited.

This is not the first time DHL fumbled a delivery for me but it is the first time the shipper apparently compounded the error. I would think that DHL just can’t manage to deliver to an apartment except the other time they fumbled a delivery to me it was to a detached single family residence.

This is most disappointing. I’m used to have good experiences ordering from Dell but this time I feel that they really blew it. They wanted to treat their (or their shipping company’s) error in shipping as an “exchange” and expected me to wait a week and a half for them to even ship it out again. I didn’t get clarification to learn if the rep meant eight business days from now or eight business days from when they received the bounced shipment because I canceled the order.

By the end of all this, Dell lost the order, DHL carried a camera thousands of miles in a circle, and I still don’t have my camera. Everybody loses.