Adobe Contribute

I’m playing with Adobe Contribute CS3. I haven’t had much to say here lately, but maybe a clever client will remind me to post more. I’ve been posting the occasional photo. I figure at this point that folks interested in my photos have probably subscribed to the feed there so I don’t usually cross-post them to here.

So far Contribute seems to be nice enough. I haven’t tried to use it to edit anything other than WordPress blog entries so I don’t know how well it works with websites via FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, or local filesystem. I was pleased to note that it supported SFTP — seeing folks use FTP with cleartext passwords makes me unhappy.

I miss the real-time spellchecking I get in Firefox textareas (or in Word, but I use Firefox more than Word). Seeing the little red squiggle is a lot less intrusive than remembering to run a modal spell-checking UI. Right-clicking on red-squiggled words and picking “Ignore”, “Add”, or correcting the spelling is nicer than using the modal spell-checking UI. I’ve also noticed that the real-time feedback is more likely to make me remember the correct spelling of a word in the future.

Well, enough of this post now that I’ve thought of something to talk about which isn’t related to Contribute…

Hm, I can’t tell if the “Allow Comments” button is on or off by default. I guess I’ll find out.

Update: Seeing if editing an entry works… That’s kind of random, editing the entry apparently made it disappear. I had to edit it again to make it come back. Also it’s kind of slow, but that may be Dreamhost’s hosting of my WordPress install rather than Contribute.