Flex, [Java|Action]Script

I’ve been playing with Adobe Flex which I’ll probably have something to say about soon.

Flex uses ActionScript which bears a remarkable similarity to JavaScript. It’s not quite the same but it’s close enough that I haven’t stumbled too badly with it working from JavaScript knowledge.  As with any “new” language the learning curve isn’t the language but the environment and libraries.

The experience with Flex and also the Greasemonkey hacking I’ve been doing lately has made me rather fonder of JavaScript than I’ve been in the past.  JavaScript is particularly nice when used in an environment that is safe from worrying about cross-browser API woes — such as a Firefox-only Greasemonkey user script or an environment like Flex. It’s not ideal but it has a lot of what I like in a language, including garbage collection, closures, reasonable typing and widespread deployment.