This page lists some open source software I’ve written.

Much of the open source code I’ve written is hosted on GitHub. Not everything is listed here.

Software I wrote

  • Singleshot — Web photo album software written in Python. I use a version of this to share my own photos.

  • shotweb — Everyone that uses Python for web apps should probably write a web framework. It’s educational and it makes using other web frameworks easier because some decisions don’t make sense until you’ve had to navigate the same design space yourself. New applications should probably use an established framework unless they’re being written to explore the design space of web frameworks.

  • codebag — A collection of scripts and other small pieces of code that are not big enough to be a “project” but big enough to keep around for reference.


Software I worked on.

  • JHCore — A core database for the LambdaMOO server. JHCore is the core database that Waterpoint is built upon it.

  • LambdaMOO — MUD server software. I’ve contributed to the main codebase and written a couple of patches. I have a GitHub project for the version of the server Waterpoint runs.

  • H2O — I worked on an early version of the H2O Rotisserie for the Berkman Center for Internet & Society.